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Below you'll find real reviews from across the web of what real people have had to say about our service. Owatonna Veterinary Hospital takes great pride in the work that we do. We've been helping countless pets feel better, happier and healthier for over 40 years.


"This Vet hospital and staff are amazing! They care about the patient and owner and do a thorough job of exploring all options." - Heidi Eckers, 5 stars via Facebook.

I had what I thought was an emergency overnight, called right away in the morning and they were booked solid but found a way to get my pup in! Thank you guys all sooo very much! I was one worried momma and you guys definitely set my mind at ease! Highly recommend this place. (PS, no extra tests were done that didn't need to be!) These guys are all so amazing! Thanks again! - Lisa Lobe, 5-star review via Facebook.

I brought in my puppy chihuahua with a broken paw after she was treated meanly at another vet. She was so well taken care of and really liked Dr. Bauer. My puppy is now home and doing so well.!!! I can't even begin to express how much I appreciated how kind they were to my puppy and fixed her up right away. All of our animals will be switching to this vet asap. - Harleigh Rayne Yvonne Hartsook, 5-star review via Facebook

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Wonderful place to bring animals both big and small! My kitty was limping one morning so I brought him into one of the vet offices up here in the cities, big mistake! I drove all the way down to Owatonna to see for myself how great this place was and I was blown away at the friendly staff and the furry welcome party (clinic cats that the staff have tended to). I knew I could trust this place from the start and I'm glad I drove all the way down there to have my cat seen by Dr. Gute and his wonderful staff, I could not have asked for better! Very knowledgeable and very warm hearted! - Jack Quincey, 5-star review via Google +

We are so happy to post this very special poem written specifically for us by Gretchen's owners!


Special Friends


There’s never such a thing as just as dog,

If their your best friend and you love them.

They have no precious silver or gold.

For only we have this to hold.

They ask for only love and time,

A precious gift in the world to find.

An unconditional love they share,

In looking for your loving care.

Thank God for special friends like these,

For only he knows their special love.

© Hensche

Best vet hospital in town! My Grampa went to Dr. Gute when he raised his springer spaniels, and I'm proud to take my fur babies there! Dr. Bauer is also an excellent vet, and she's done wonders for my Wrigley after he got into a dog fight... Wouldn't want them anywhere else! :) I had Wrigley at a different vet for a couple of years and I'm so glad I made the switch! :) - Kayla Marie Schuster, 5-star review via Facebook

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