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Referral Program

Refer your friends, family or co-workers to the Owatonna Veterinary Hospital. For each referral we get,

you'll receive a gift/discount. For example: your second referral gets your pet a FREE collar,

your 5th snags your furry friend a free rabies shot!

Surgical services

Quality surgical care for you beloved pets!

• Bone pinning

• Cruciate repair

• Luxating patellas

• Spaying and neutering

• Tumor removal

• Dental surgery

• Puppy tail docking

• Beak and tail trimming for certain breeds of birds

• C-sections

• Diabetic pet diagnosis and regulation

Owatonna Veterinary Hospital is here for your pet when they need surgical care. Whether the surgery is major or minor, you can rest assured we're dedicated to providing the best care in the Owatonna and the surrounding areas, just like we have for 40 years.

C-sections and birthing advice

Is your pet having a litter? Does something seem out of the ordinary? A discussion with our doctors will tell you if a c-section will be necessary. We can schedule one right over the phone around your pet's expected date! Our veterinarians will be able to tell you if you have a reason to be concerned.

Learn how to care for your diabetic pet!

Owatonna Veterinary Hospital provides diabetic pet diagnosis and regulation. This monitoring will allow us to find the right doses to keep your pet happy and healthy.


We'll provide you insulin and needles and we'll show you how to administer the insulin. We'll also show you how to check your pet's glucose levels.

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